The work in scanning original documents and books, the assembly and compilation of digital files and production of our CD/DVDs is protected by Copyright, and any commercial reproduction, either in part or whole is strictly forbidden without written agreement.

All files whether downloaded or supplied on CD/DVD are uniquely marked and associated with each transaction.

However, it has been produced primarily as an aid to those engaging in private research, and such users are welcome to print out or copy parts of, or whole pages should they so wish. In fact we shall be disappointed if they don’t! – The whole point is to render these fine old books accessible to all.

Any society or research facility, local records office etc is equally welcome to include it in their collection for the benefit of others, subject to the usual copyright caveats.

If any persons wish to use parts of these products on a web-site, or as part of a professional work they should contact us – it is unlikely that we would ever object to any reasonable request, but please ask first. We may even have alternative material which is more appropriate.

Please remember that given the fact that this exercise is aimed at providing many with a low-cost copy of an often extremely expensive and possibly unique original. Any unlawful copying, plagiarism, theft – however you wish to consider it – deprives us of not only the extremely small revenue to be reinvested in purchasing more books, but also the willingness to do so.