Whether you are ordering from the UK or overseas, our conduct is governed by British Law and you are entitled to expect the highest standard of care from us. This includes not only respecting your privacy (in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1986) but also we are required under the recently introduced Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 to clearly state what we are offering for sale in a way that you are confident that you are purchasing the appropriate goods with full rights.


– to clearly describe the products offered for sale, without false embellishment, stating which are currently available.

– to only accept payment for products that are currently available.


We will obviously replace any goods that are faulty, within the terms of the sale of Good Act. If you damage a disk, please contact us and we will offer a replacement for a nominal charge.


What we will not do is accept for refund any product which doesn’t contain the details you hoped to find, or just because you ordered incorrectly. Our ordering system is designed to minimise any potential misunderstanding.

This may sound extremely harsh, but we are a non-profit making organisation trying to fund the salvation of these wondrous books for the benefit of all, and not a lending library!