Beyond Yesterday – A History of Fenstanton

Beyond Yesterday – A History of Fenstanton, Millennium Edition

by Jack Dady.

This is the history of Fenstanton, a small village in Huntingdonshire, later to be amalgamated with Cambridgeshire in 1973.

Fenstanton was the birthplace of John Howland who was one of the first Pilgrims on the Mayflower, who went on to do fine work in the establishment of the new America.

It has been said that part of this book can be applied to any small settlement in England, for the historical development was widespread.

The production of this book was wholly subsidised and it is being sold as a not-for-profit exercise where all proceeds from the sale will be distributed to worthy Fenstanton charities and institutions.

This book is also available in hardback, but rising postal charges have resulted in this digital edition being made available – with instant delivery and no shipping costs.

For full details of the contents, including genealogical references, plus a detailed list of all persons named in the book, please visit the Fenstanton website.