Edinburgh Marriage Records 1701 to 1750

A comprehensive transcript of all marriages recorded in Edinburgh from 1701 to 1750, painstakingly compiled by the Reverend Henry Paton and published in 1908.

From Abercrombie (Abercromby) to Ziegiler, the 1610 pages are an alphabetical digest of the Register of Marriages of the Parish of Edinburgh for the years 1701-1750 inclusive.

Shortly before 1700 the entries in the Register begin to expand by giving in most cases not only the names of the bride and bridegroom, but also the names of their parents, with occasionally other particulars, including dates of proclamation and marriage, and payments of sums of money. It should be remembered by those consulting the following Index that only under the male entries is the full information contained in the Register given, and those consulting it under female names must refer to the corresponding entry under the bridegroom’s name to obtain the details given in the Register.

With respect to the dates of proclamation and marriage, sometimes the Register only gives one, in which case it is probably the date of booking for proclamation. In the entry of the female, where two dates are given, only one, that of marriage, has been inserted. In some cases a considerable discrepancy occurs between the dates of proclamation and marriage, and probably it is the latter that is at fault, as the registrar seems occasionally to have inserted wrong months and years.

In or about 1738 sums of money begin to be inserted in the margin of the Register, sometimes in Sterling and sometimes in Scots reckoning, and which is not always apparent. The amounts vary, so that it is not easy to determine whether the amount is a booking fee or a free-will donation to the poor, or both. That a fee was uplifted may be inferred from the insertion against some entries of the word “gratis.” Sometimes also note is made of the re-delivery to parties of pledges or ” pawns ” consigned in the hands of the Session-Clerk.

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