White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1851

White's 1851 Directory of Staffordshire






White’s 1851 directory covering local history, private residents, trades and professions in Staffordshire towns and villages plus advertisements. 846 pages in searchable PDF

Historically, Staffordshire was divided into five hundreds: Cuttlestone, Offlow, Pirehill, Seisdon, and Totmonslow.

The historic boundaries of Staffordshire cover much of what is now the metropolitan county of West Midlands. An administrative county of Staffordshire was set up in 1889 under the Local Government Act 1888 covering the county except the county boroughs of Wolverhampton, Walsall, and West Bromwich in the south (the area known as the Black Country), and Hanley in the north. The Act also saw the towns of Tamworth (partly in Warwickshire) and Burton upon Trent (partly in Derbyshire) united entirely in Staffordshire.

In 1553 Queen Mary made Lichfield a county corporate, meaning it was administered separately from the rest of Staffordshire. It remained so until 1888. [ Wikipedia.org]

The places and sites of importance include; Abbey Greed, Abbey Lands, Abbots Bromley, Above Park, Acton, Acton Hill, Acton Trussell, Albaston, Adderley, Admaston, Agardsley, Alder Mills, Aldershaw, Aldersley, Aldridge, Almington, Alrewas, Alrewas Hay, Alsager’s Bank, Alstone, Alstonfield, Alton, Alton Towers, Amblecote, Amerton, Amington, Aucks Hill, Anker Viaduct, Ankerton, Anslow, Apedale, Apeton, Apewood Castle, Aqualate Hall, Arley Over, Armitage, Ashcombe, Ashenbrook, Ashenhurst, Ashflatt, Ash Green, Ashley, Ashwood, Aspley, Aston, Aston Hall, Aston Hay, Aston (Little ), Audley, Audley Cross, Audnam, Baddeley, Badon Hall, Baggeridge, Bagnail, Bagot’ s Bromley, Balding Gate, Ball green, Ballhaye Green, Balterley, Bancroft, Bangley, Bank House, Bank Top, Bannister Hollies, Barlaston, Barnhurst, Barr (Gt.), Barr Hill, Barrow Hill, Barthomley, Barton, Barton-under-Needwood, Basford, Bassets Pole, Baswich, Batchacre, Beacon Hill, Beamhurst, Bearston, Beaudesert, Bednall, Beech, Berfcott, Bellamour, Belmont, Bemersley, Bentilee, Bentley, Beresford Hall, Berkswich, Berry Bank, Berry Hill, Bescot, Betley, Bickford, Biddulph, Bignal End, Bilbrook, Billington, Bilston, Birch Cross, Birch Hills, Birch House, Birchen fields, Bower, Birehalls, Birches, Birds Grove, Birkemstich, Birmingham, Bishop’s Offley, Bishop’s Wood, Bishton, Bitterscote, Blackbrook, Blackheath, Black Ladies, Black Lake, Blackshaw Moor, Blackwater, Blackwood, Blakelow, Blakenall, Blaken Heath, Blithbury, Blithfield, Bloomfield, Blore, Blore Pike, Blore-in-Tyrley, Blount’s Green, Bloxwich, Blurton, Blymhill, Blyth Bridge, Station & Marsh, Bobbington, Bole Bridge, Bolehall, Bond End, Bonehill, Boond Hill, Booth, Boothen, Boothhurst, Borrowcop Hill, Boscobel, Bossis, Botham House, Botstone, Botteslow, Bourn Pool and Vale, Bovenhill, Bower End, Bowers, Bradley Green, Bradley Hall, Bradley-in-the-Moors, Bradnop, Bramshall, Bramshall (Little), Brancote, Branstone, Brerehurst, Brereton, Brereton Cross, Brereton Hill, Brettell Lane, Brewood, Bridestones, Bridgeford, Brierley, Brierley Hill, Brineton, Brislington, Broad Field, Broad Heath, Broad Lane, Broad Moor, Broad Stone, Brock End, Brockholes, Brockhurst, Brockley, Brockmoor, Brockton Hall, Brockton Grange, Bromley, Bromley Green, Bromley Hurst, Bromley Lane, Bromley Marsh, Bromley Manor, Bromley Park, Bromley Regis, Bromley Gerard’s, Bromley Wharf, Bromley Wood, Bromshall, Bromshall (Little), Bromstead, Bromwich West, Bromwich Heath, Broncott, Brookhay, Brookhouses, Broom, Broomfield, Broomyshaw, Brooms (The), Brough, Brough Hall, Broughton, Brown Edge, Brown Hills, Brund, Bucknall, Buckpool, Bunster, Burndhurst, Burnill Green, Burnt Tree, Burntwood, Burslem, Burston, Burton- upon-Trent, Burton Extra, Burton (nr Stafford), Bushbury, Butterton, Butt lane, Butts, Byrkeley Lodge, Caldmore, Callingwood, Callow Hill, Calton, Calwich, Camp, Camphill Hall, Can Lane, Cannock, Cannock Chase, Cannock Wood, Canwell, Carr Hill, Carter’s Green, Cash, Cash Heath, Castern, Castlechurch, Catchem’s Corner, Cats Hill, Cauldon, Caverswall, Caveswall, Cawdry, Cawarden Spring, Cellarhead, Chapel Ash, Chapel Chorlton, Charnes, Chartley, Chatcull, Chatterley, Chatwell, Chatwell (Little), Cheadle, Chebsey, Checkley, Cheddleton, Chell, Cheslynhay, Chestall, Chesterfield, Chesterton, Chilcote, Chillington, Chorley, Chorlton, Church Field, Church Vale, Church Eaton, Cinder Hill, Clarke’s Haye, Clayton, Clayton Griffith, Clent, Cliffeville, Clifford’s Wood, Clifton Campville, Clough Hall, Cloughs, Clownham, Coalbourn Brook, Coal Pool, Cobridge, Cocknidge, Codsall, Coldmeece, Cold Norton, Coley, Colton, Colwich, Comberford, Combridge, Commonside, Compton, Congreve, Consall, Cookshill, Copmere, Coppenhall, Coppice, Corbyn’s Hall, Corngreaves, Coseley, Cotes, Coton, Coton Clanford, Coton-under-Needwood, Cotton, Cotwall End, Cotwalton, Coven, Coven Heath, Cowley, Cow Ridding, Cradley, Crakemarsh, Craythorn, Creighton, Cresswell, Crier’s Plain, Cronk Hall, Cross Ash, Crossgate, Crowborough, Croxall, Croxden, Croxton, Cullamore, Cunsall, Curborough, Cuttlestone, Dagdale, Daisy Bank, Dalehall, Dale Green, Dapple Heath, Darby Hill, Dark Lane, Darlaston, Darlaston nr Stone, Dawend, Dayhills, Deadman’s Green, Deanshill, Deepdale, Deepfleld, Delph, Delves, Denstone, Dernford, Derrington, Dibdale Bank, Dilhorne, Dimsdale, Doddlespool, Dodsley, Dog Lane, Dorrington, Dosthill, Dove Cliff, Dove Leys, Doveridge, Dowley, Downs Bank, Downsdale, Doxey, Draycott, Drayton, Drayton Bassett, Drayton Manor, Dresden, Drointon, Druid’s Heath, Dudley, Dudley Castle, Dudley Port, Dunkirk, Dunsley, Dunstan, Dunston, EardleyEnd, East Lodge, Eastwood, Eaves, Ebon Ash, EccleshalI, Ecton, Edjall, Edingale, Elford, Elford Hill, Elkstone, Ellaston, Ellenhall, Ellerton Grange, Ellows Hall, Elmhurst, Endon, Engleton, Enson, Enville, Essington, Etching Hill, Ettingshall, Etruria, Extolls, Fair Oaks, Farewell, Farley, Faulde, Fawfieldhead, Fazeley, Featherstone, Fenton, Fernyford, Field, Finney Green, Fisherwick, Flash, Flash Brook, Foley, Footherley, Ford Green, Forebridge, Forsbrook, Forton, Four Ashes, Four Ashes Station, Four Crosses, Fox Earth, Foxholes, Foxley, Foxt, Fradley, Fradswell, Freeford, Freehay, Froghall, Froghole, Fulfen, Fulford, Fullbrooke, Fullwoods, Furnace Hill, Furnace Mill, Gailey, Garmelow, GarshaIl Green, Gatam, Gayton, Gentleshaw, Gerord’s Bromley, Giffard House, Gilbert’s Lea, Gillow Heath, Glascote, Glazeleyflelds, Gnosall, Golden Hill, Gold’s Green, Goldthorn Hill, Goosemoor Green, Gornal, Gorsbrook, Gorsty Hill, Gorton’s Green, Gorway House, Goscote, Gospel End, Gospel Oak, Gosty Hill, Gothersley, Gouldhay, Gradbatch, Graiseley, Grange, Gratton, Gratwich, Gravenhunger, Great Barr, Great Bridge, Greatwood, Green Birch, Greenfield, Greenhead, Greensbury, Greenway Bank, Greet’s Green, Grindley, Grindon, Groundslow, Gunside, Gunston, Hademoor, Haden Cross, Hadley End, Hagley Hall, Hagley Park, Hales, Halfpenny Green, Hall Green, Halmer End, Hamill, Hammer House, Hammerwich, Hampstead, Hamstall Ridware, Hanbury, Hanby Heath, Hanch Hall, Hanchurch, Handsacre, Handsworth, Hanford, Hanley & Shelton, Hanyard, Harborne, Harborough, Harden, Harding’s Booth, Harding’s Wood, Hardwick, Hardywicke, Harecastle, Haregate, Harlaston, Harrisihead, Hartley Green, Hartshill, Hartwell, Haselour, Hateley, Hatherton, Hatton, Haughton, Haunton, Hawkes Hill, Hawksyard, Hay End, Hay Head, Hayseech, Haywood (Great & Little), Hazlewood, Heath, Heath Hill, Heathylee, Heatley, Heaton, Hednesford, Heeley, Hembeath, Heron Court, Heybridge, Heyfields, Heymeece, High Car, High Elms, Highfields, High House, Highlands, High Offley, High Trees, Hilcote Hall, Hilderstone, Hill Chorlton, Hill Hall, Hill Ridware, Hilldale, Hill Top, Hilton, Himley, Hints, Hixon, Hoar Cross, Hobbergate, Hockley, Holbeach, Holditch, Hollington, Hollingsbury, Hollins, Hollinsclough, Holloway End, Holloway Lane, Holly Bank, Holly Bush, Holly Grove, Holly Cross, Honeywell, Hook’s Green, Hoo Mill, Hope, Hopton, Hopwas, Hopwas Hay, Horninglow, Horsebrook, Horsey Lane, Horsley, Horsley Heath, Horton, Hot Lane, Hough, Houghton Cross, Hounhill, Huddlesford, Hulme, Hulme End, Hulme Upper, Hulton Abbey, Hungershutt, Huntington, Hunter’s Lane, Huntley, Hyde, Ilam, Ingestre, Ipstones, Iverley Hay, Ivetsy Bank, Johnson Hall, Johnson Wood, Keele, Kemsey, Kettlebrook, Kibblestone, Kiddermoor Green, Kidsgrove, Kinfare, Kingshill, Kingsley, King’s Standing, Kingston, Kingswinford, Kingswood Bank, Kinvaston, Knaves’ Castle, Knenhall, Knightley, Knighton, Knipersley, Knoll, Knowl, Knowl End, Knowl Wall, Knowl Wood, Knutton, Knyperley, Knowsley, Ladder Edge, Ladymoor, Landy Wood, Lane Delph, Lane End, Lapley, Lawn, Lea, Leabrook, Leacroft, Leamonsley, Leasowes, Leaton Hall, Leawood Pits, Lee Hall, Leek, Leek Frith, Leek Roches, Leese Hill, Leigh, Levedale, Leycett, Lichfield, Lightwood, Linbrook, Lindley Wood, Line Hill, Linley Caverns, Littlehay, Littleworth, Littywood, Lloyd, London (Little), Long Compton, Long Croft, Longdon, Longfield, Longnor, Longport, Longridge, Longsdon, Longton, Longton Mill, Low Liberty, Loxley, Loynton, Lazelles, Ludburn, Lupin Bank, Lutley, Lye Cross, Lyndon, Lynn, Lyswayes HaIl, Madeley, Madeley Holme, Maer, Maerway Lane, MambleSquare, Manley Hall, Maplehayes, Marchington, Marchington Woodlands, Margarets Lane, Marsh Green, Marston, Martin’s Lowe, Mary Vale, Mason’sBank, Mavesyn Ridware, Maybank, Mayfield, Meaford L, Meardale, Meerbrook, Meerstown, Meg-o-Fox-hole, Meir, Merridale, Middleton Green, Milford, Milldale, Millford, Mill Green, Millmeece, Millstone Green, Milton, Milwich, Mitton, Mixon, Moat Hall, Mobberley, Moddershall , MoneyLands, Moninore Green, Moor Hall, Moorlands, Morfe, Moreton, Morredge, Morry, Moseley, Mossgate, Moss Mouse, Moss Pits, Mostelee, Motley Pits, Mount , Mount Pleasant, Mount Pavilion, Mowcop, Moxley, Mucleston, Muchall Hall, Muckley Corner, Musden Grange, Myott’s Wood, Narrowdale, Neechill, Needwood Forest, Needwood House, Nethersett Hey, Netherton, Newbold, Newborough, Newbridge, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newchapel, Newfield, Newfield Green, Newhouse, New lnvention, Newland, New Mills , Newstead, Newton, Newtown, New Village, New York, Nobutt, Norbury, No Man’s Heath, Normacot, Northwood, NortonBridge, NortonCanes, Norton Green, Norton-in-the-Moors, Nurton, Nuttall Hall, Oakamoor, Oakedge, Oaken, Oakfields, Oak Hall, Oak Hill, Oakley, Oakeswell Hall, Oakover, Oakum, Ocker Hill, Odnall Cottage, Offley, Offley Hey, Offlow Hund, Ogley Hay, Okeover, Oldcott, Oldershire, Oldhill, Old Lee, Old Park, Oldsprings, Old Wood, Olive Green, Oncote, Onecote, Onecote Hall, Onn (High &Little), Onniley, Orgreave, Orslow, Orton, Oscott, Otley, Otherton, Oulton, Oulton House, Ounsdale, Outlands, Outwoods, Overley, Oversale, Overton, Oxleasowes, Oxley, Packington, Painley Hill, Palmer’s Cross, Park Brook, Park End, Park Field, Park Gate, Park Hall, Park Head, Park Hill, Park Lane, Park Nook, Park Pales, PatshuII, Pattingham, Peacock’s Hay, Pearl Well, Peatswood, Pellwall House, Pelsall, Pendeford, Penfield, Penkhull, Penkridge, Penn, Pennyquart, Pensnett, Perry Barr, Pershall, Pillaton, Pipe Hall, Pipe Hill, Pipe Place, Pipe Ridware, Pirehill, Pirton, Plardiwick, Pleck, Podmore, Pones Mill, Pool End, Portobello, Portway, Potteries, Powke Lane, Preston, Prestwood, Prestwood House, Prince’s End, Quarnford, Quarry Bank, Questlett, Quixhill, Quinton, Radford, Radmoor, Radwood, Ramsor, Rangemoor, Ranscliff, Ranton, Ravenshall, Reapsmoor, Reaumore, Red Cross, Reddal Hill, Red House, Red Street, Rickerscote, Ridge Hill, Rise Barn, Rocester, Roche-side, Rodbaston, Rolleston, Romer, Rough Close, Rough Hay, Rough Hills, Rough Park, Roway, Rowley, Rowley Hall, Rowley Regis, Rownall, Rudge, Rudyard, Rugeley, Ruiton, Rule, Rushall, Rushley, Rushton James, Rushton Spencer, Rushton Marsh, Rushton Grange, Ryecroft, Ryehill House , St Stephen’s Hill, St. Thomas’, Salt, Sandborough, Sandon, Sandwell Park, Sandyford, Sandy Lane, Saredon Great &, Little, Saverley Green, Scott Hey, Scott’s Arms, Scoundslow Green, Seabridge, Sedgley, Seighford., Seisdon, Seven Houses, Shaley Brook, Shallowford, Shareshill, Sharpley Green, Shawa (The), Shebden, Sheen, Shelfield, Shelton, Shelton-under-Airley, Shenstone, Sheriff Hales, Sherholt Lodge, Shirleywich, Shobnall, Shooter’s Hill, Short Heath, Shredicote, Shughorough, Shutt End, Shutt Lane Head, Sideaway, Sidway Hall, Sierscote, Silkmore House, Silverdale, Sinai Park, Slade Hill, Slimersdale, Slindon, Smallrise, Smallthorn , Smallwood, Smethwick, Snail’s Green, Sneyd, Sneyd Lane, Snowdon Pool, Sodom, Soho, Somerford, Sotshole, Sparrow-lee, Spath, Spon Lane, Spotacres, Spot & Spotgate, Spratslade, Spread Eagle, Spring Vale, Spring Field, Stableford , Stableford Bridge, Stadmoreslow, Stafford, Stallington, Standon, Stanley, Stanshope, Stanton, Stapenhill, Statfold, Stile Cop, Stichbrook , Stock Lane, Stockley Ridge, Stockton , Stoke-by-Stone, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stone, Stonedelph, Stonefield, Stonnall, Stonywell, Stourton Castle, Stowe, Stowe Church, Stowe Hill, Stowe Heath, Straits Green, Stramshall, Streethay, Stretton, Strongford, Stubby Lane, Sugnall, Summer Hill, Sutton , Swan Moor, Swan Village, Swindon, Swinfen, Swinnerton, Swinscoe, Swithamley, Syerscote, Swynnerton, Talk-on-the-Hill, Tamhorn, Tamworth, Tansy Green, Tappenhurst, Tatenhill, Tean Upper and Lower, Teddesley Hay, Teddesley Hall, Teddesley Farm, Tettenhall, Thatchmoor, Thickhroom, Thorncliff, Thorns, Thorny Lane, Thornhill, Thorpe Constantine, Thorns Cavern, Three Farms, Throwley, Thursfield, Tillington, Tipety Green, Tipton, Tittensor, Tittisworth, Tividale, Tixall, Toft, Toll End, Totmonslow, Trenthanr, Trent Vale, Trescot, Trubshaw, Trysull, Tunstall, Turner’s Hill, Turton’s Hall, Tutburv, Twiss, Twogates, Tyrley Quarter, Ubberley, Underwood, Uttoxeter, Vauxhall, Walford, Walkmill, Wall, Wallbrook, Wall Heath, Wall Grange, Wallington Heath, Walsall Foreign, Walsall Wood, Walton , Walton-on-Trent, Wanfield Hall, Warslow, Warton, Water Eaton, Waterfall, Waterhouses, Wedges Mill, Wedgwood, Wednesbury, Wednesbury Oak, Wednesfield, Wednesfield Heath, Weeford, Weeping Cross, Wellings, Wellington, Wergs (The), Westbeach, West Bromwich, Westfields, Weston Coyney, Weston Heath, Weston Jones, Weston-on-Trent, Weston-under Lizard, Westwood Hall, Wetley Rocks, Wetmore, Wetton, Wetwood, Wever Hills, Wheaton Aston, Wherrington, Whiston, White Farm, Whitehall, Whiteheath, White’s Bridge, White Moor, Whitfield, Whitgreave, Whitelow, Whitmore, Whittington, Wichnor, Wigginstall, Wigginton, Wightwick, Wigmore, Wilbrighton, Willenhall, Williford, Willings, Willingsworth, Willowbridge, Willowbridge Wells, Wills Lock, Wilnecote, Wilshaw, Windhouse, Windmill End, Windmill Bank, Windy Arbour, Winkhill, Winnington, Winothdale, Winshill, Withington, Withysitch, Wobaston, Wolfdale, Wolgarstone, Wollaston, Wolseley, Wolstanton, Wolverhampton, Wormbourn, Wood Edge, Wood End, Wood Eaton, Woodford Grange, Woodgate, Woodgreen, Wood Hayes, Woodhead, Woodhouse, Woodhouses, Woodhead Quarter, Woodlands, Wood Lane, Woodmill, Woodseats, Woodseaves, Wood Setton, Wood Villa, Woodwall Green, Woolley, Woore, Wootton, Woottons, Wordsley, Worston, Wrinehill, Wrinehill Hall, Wrottesley Hall, Wychdon Lodge, Wyrley Bank, WyrleyGreat, Wyrley Little, Yarlett, Yarufield, Yate, Yatesall, Yenbrook, Yewtree House, Yoxall

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