Cassey’s Huntingdonshire 1862

Whilst the most important part of Cassey’s Trade Directory of Huntingdonshire describes the Towns and Parishes [please see listing of places below] in 1862, there are other sections containing historical information; History of England – The Ancient Britons – The … Continue reading

Rural Life in Hampshire

Scenes of Rural Life in Hampshire among The Manors of Bramshott by W. W. Capes Rector of Bramshott and sometime Reader in Ancient History in the  University of Oxford Published in 1901 this book comprises 356 pages with Illustrations and … Continue reading

Edinburgh Marriage Records 1701 to 1750

A comprehensive transcript of all marriages recorded in Edinburgh from 1701 to 1750, painstakingly compiled by the Reverend Henry Paton and published in 1908. From Abercrombie (Abercromby) to Ziegiler, the 1610 pages are an alphabetical digest of the Register of … Continue reading

Irish Catholic Directory 1920

A remarkably useful reference work detailing members of the Roman Catholic clergy principally in Ireland in 1920. The sections below appear in the 646 pages, together with a small number of advertisements for relevant suppliers. Fully searchable as a PDF … Continue reading

Harrod’s Directory of Leicestershire 1870

This trade directory comprises 362 pages covering local history, private residents, trades and professions, in Leicestershire towns and villages in 1870.  Also includes advertisements of the day. Format: Searchable PDF     Leicestershire was described as “… an inland county, … Continue reading

Harrod’s Directory of Rutland 1870

Searcheable PDF covering local history, private residents, trades and professions in England’s smallest county.  Includes all villages and places as shown below plus advertisements.     The places include; Ashwell, Ayston, Barleythorpe, Barrowden, Barrow, Beaumont Chase, Belton, Bisbrooke, Braunston, Brooke, … Continue reading

Harrod’s Directory of Derbyshire 1870

Pages: 357 covering local history, private residents, trades and professions, villages plus advertisements. Format: Searcheable PDF Price: £4.50 GBP   This is a copy of the Second Edition published in Norwich by J. G. Harrod. An excellent trade directory covering … Continue reading

Harrod’s Royal Directory of Berkshire 1877

Harrod’s Royal Directory of Berkshire, published in 1877 contains some interesting references to the residents of Windsor Castle, at the time the data was collected. This is a searcheable PDF comprising  246 pages plus advertisements.     BERKSHIRE, from bare-oak-shire, … Continue reading